Holiday Chill

As I have been very busy with work, it was also a working Holiday for me during the last Holiday break. Though I needed to work, I tried to make sure that I will wear something chill to feel relaxed and not to be anxious of what I needed to do. So here's my Holiday Chill outfit to balance my #busyatwork feel. Since it's also summer I also felt like incorporating a little sandy feel and came up with this look. Light colored or white in light fabric is the way to go, and of course shorts plus a very comfortable footwear. Lastly, since I was working so I need a very reliable bag to hold my laptop! It's so versatile as I can also use it when I am traveling.

(Aeropostale top, Old shorts, Timex Watch, Herschel back pack, Birkenstock Footwear)

Here's my blooper post. :)



Baby OOTD - Tea Time

Late post! It was baby day out time again for my niece! And yes! I'm featuring her again for my baby post ootd segment. I am just amazed how cute baby clothes now a days that babies are all dolled up! So here's what she wore! My sister prefers to dress her in onesie paired with pajama (joke!), paired with baby pants / leggings. It's convenient for her specially when she need to change baby's diaper. Another thing, the baby can also move freely! It's also a very cute outfit for babies too! Since babies gets big fast, getting them a few pieces of onesie and leggings could go a long way by mixing and matching. Yes naman! Baby lang may mix and match na sila! For babies! It would really be nice and good to have them in very colorful outfits! Lastly, to cap her look.... since her hair is not thick or getting longer fast she have her collection of head bands too. This way, she can tell the world that she's a girl. My sister shared with me, that at this point she want to get her baby wide band head bands since baby knows how to remove her head band already. When it's thin, it's super duper easy and fast for her to remove the head band.

(Headband - gift, Old Navy onesie, Mother Care baby pants / leggings, Enfant baby socks)


Casual Friday at Work

I'm very sorry! I've been super busy with work! But let's not dwell on it. Since I've been very busy with work and missed blogging here's an ootd during my #busyatwork last Friday! We are allowed to dress down or do casual Friday. I don't know but I am like loving to wear a black shirt lately. It's like I just want to wear it and pair it with all other else. HHMMMM.... Let me try to post more of my black shirt look. There are a lot of looks you can have with this black shirt!

To give it a little attitude, I tucked a little in front for that fashyon lady look.


(Common Thread, F&X jeans, Timex Watch, Landmark necklace, Yosi Samara Footwear)


Into the greens

It was a busy weekend again as I was from one place to another. I made sure to wear something comfortable and breezy but will also cover me up when it's cold. The weather is somehow breezy but still very hot during noon. This time, I wanted to wear something relax so I didn't consciously tried to look mature this time but then again not to look younger than my age too.

This top balanced my mature (checkered polo) and young (pink) look. Plus it's very lightweight so it's very breezy. But it has enough cover up for me not to get cold when it gets dark. Made my look very fresh and matched it with a light colored jeans and bright colored accessories. Lastly, to tone the color down a little bit, wore a little neutral colored footwear but with print to match my top.

I really love wearing comfortable clothes but still with that attitude. It need not be boring by having colors and or nice prints.

(Bazaar bought top, F&X jeans, Ice Watch, Stradivarious bracelet, Kenneth Cole sling bag, Toms Footwear)

Here's a blooper post. :)



Baby OOTD - Chinese New Year 2015

A different ootd! :) Hi there, this is my baby niece the youngest baby fashion poser?? haha I just thought that I would like to feature her for baby posts. Kids should be thought fashion early in their life.. haha! Kidding aside, it's nice if we make Philippines a fashionable country (but that need not be all that glitz and glam). 

Here's what she wore during our family CNY dinner get together. Of course she should also wear red! Since it's not practical to buy a lot of items for babies since they grow fast.. You should buy them in big sizes so they can wear it more times. Like this red dress of this baby girl, since it's still big an inner wear is the answer plus she won't get cold also.  Dress are easier so as when changing of diapers. To make her kikay, she has her headband that's also in red! Lastly, to have a little contrast made her wear this cute blue socks with pompoms! The pompoms gave that cute quirky vibe.

P.S. Styled by my sister and me. :)

(Pink Box headband, Carter one piece inner wear, Debenhams dress, Enfant baby socks)



Chinese New Year Outfit 2015

A very quick post for today! I am glad that I am back home this CNY 2015! I totally got busted with my work schedule that I thought I would miss our annual CNY family dinner. Thank God every thing fall into place. :) I am terribly tired this week with an out of town work plus we decided to dine out somewhere near our place this year. I also considered to wear something comfortable since I would have to battle with buffet again! haha With these things, I wasn't in the mood to dress up but I would still want to look presentable plus I should wear RED! haha A dress is the way to go! This full dress answered all my considerations of RED, Comfortable, Spacey and Presentable! Made my look more quirky and fun by wearing accessories that are trendy like these white shoes that I got from Taiwan, a small colored sling bag and just a bright colored watch. Using nice pieces and combining them all together made my look very relaxed and simple yet fun and quirky!

Happy year of the Lamb! 2015 please be good to me and shower me with all the Luck! :) Kong Xi Fa Cai! Kong Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year!

from my instagarm post


(Collezione Dress, Kenneth Cole Sling Bag, Ice Watch, Fifty Percent Footwear)


Nature Republic Aloe Mask Sheet

It's been a while since I used a mask. Every time I use masks it's like I need to relax and de-stress! So here's a mask that I got as a gift during the holiday season. I just felt like it's the time for me to use it. :) But to be honest, I am really careful in using masks since if I use a variant that has too much moisture, I somehow get scared to have breakouts.

But since this is Aloe, I know that it's for relaxation and moisture to promote healthy skin. It's good that there's a little english information, but I would prefer to have more english for us to be able to understand more of the product.

 Now let's try the product. Upon opening... I was really able to smell the Aloe! It smells so good!

The actual mask is like the other masks. But it's thick enough as it doesn't tear apart easily.

The mask is a little big for my face, so I need to crumple it a little so that I can make sure that the mask will touch my skin (sorry for my ungroomed brows). I felt that it's a little sticky and with a lot of liquid left at the packaging. Normally I don't use the liquids left at the packaging since I don't want too much moisture that may cause me breakouts. After leaving it on for 15 minutes and removed the mask sheet  I still felt the stickiness on my face. I tried to blend it all so that my face would absorb it. The next day when I woke up, I still felt that my face was still a little sticky but I noticed that after I washed my face it looked a little healthier.

Though I only used it once, I think this is a good mask sheet. You can use it once a month for a healthier skin. It will help your relax specially after a busy week.