One of the things that I would always have with me is a lip balm! It's a must have in my bag and daily beauty product! This is like the product that I would not live with out if you ask me what mu should I have everyday. :) I have chapped lips so I always use lip balms to moisturize them. I've already share my post about EOS lip balm, you can read my previous post here.

I am happy with EOS, it's just that it doesn't have any SPF but over all I love it. Like what I have written before... it works very well in moisturizing my lips, has a lot of products, great smell and in cute packaging. So when I saw this at S&R I checked it out and hey hey hey 4 pieces of EOS just for Php 750 only! It's less than Php 200 each, normally it costs around Php 300++ to Php 500 ++ each! With this on pack I am able to have EOS everywhere, 1 at home, 1 at office and 1 or travel then I just gave the last one to my mom (if not I can have it in my bag!) :)

Each EOS are packed separately and can be take out of the packaging one at a time. But I can't wait for it so I removed them all at once! :) Very cute egg like packaging in very vibrant colors which represents each flavor.

With the brand on top! I opened all and smelled each flavor! They really smells like the actual flavors. I gave the strawberry flavor to my mommy and I am now using both Honeysuckle and Summer Fruit. I will use the mint one during summer or when I am on the road to travel. Wah! I love lip balms!!! Yippee!! I guess I should post more lip balms. I tend to use one brand only if I am ok with it. But now, I think I would try more and share my experience with you. :)

Before using EOS again, my lips are very dry (as in!) but after using it for 1 week my lips are in good condition again. These EOS are still with the same full content of the product and are still very moisturizing. This is a great buy for me. :)

(I broke the mint one upon opening... all EOS are in egg shape when opened.)

Are you EOS loves too?



Sailor Inspired Outfit

Last Saturday I attended an event as we sponsored it at work. It was held at Fun Ranch and the sound of the place..... it surely would be a kiddie party. It's was a Halloween Party of the Mommy bloggers  and oh boy there were lots of kids! So I thought of wearing something fresh, young and fun look! Nakikibagay sa mga kids! :)

I opted something not too fancy and then I remembered I have this pleated skirt that I can pair with a simple white top. Lately, I want to get items that are statement pieces by itself already (though this skirt is with me for several years already hehe). That's the benefit of getting statement pieces, you can use it several time, in many ways and for a long time (as long as it is in good condition).

To keep the look fresh, I wore minimal accessories, just a bracelet (a statement piece too) and a watch (I need to replace the batteries of my other watches, I keep on using this watch only! Argghhh! hehe)

Finally used this violet satchel bag to keep that youthful vibe and neutral colored footwear for that fresh look. And then while doing this post that I notice that I look like I'm in a sailor costume! haha

The Blooper Pic of this post! :) Feet wide open and the finger of my photographer of the day. hehe

Hope you liked my costume. haha

(Terranova sleeveless top, pleated skirt,  Ice Watch, The Cambridge Satchel Bag, StyleCo. Bracelet, Primaluxe Footwear)



National Pasta Month

Just a very quick post for today! Last Sunday, everyone was back home so I thought of preparing something for lunch! Yes this a very different post! :) I can only cook pasta and fried food! hehe So just want to share with you what I cooked. hehe Nothing fancy, very simple pasta. And by the way, it's pasta month! :)

Here are some of the products that I used. :)



Sophisticated Relaxed Look

It's weekend again yippeee!! I attended Best Food Forward Event yesterday at Rockwell Tent and boy it was jampacked! Nice one! 

For this post, I want to share with you that you don't need to always buy new clothes to be fashyon.  It's ok to reuse clothes, where in fact why do we need to buy clothes that can only be worn once?? Very unpractical right? It's just a matter of mixing and matching your wardrobe to get a new look. Click on the links to see my previous posts :) (DressFootwearbag)

I was in the mood to wear something a little sophisticated but it sure need to be breezy cool since the sun is up. A sleeveless black long dress is the way to go! To make the look more relaxed, covered it up with a denim sleeveless plus it will keep me warm when it suddenly gets a little cold. To cap off wore these super comfortable Birkenstock (ahhhh and they're coming back). Lastly to make my look livelier, decided to add a little pop of color with the bag and the watch. 

Here's my blooper pic for this post. :)

(Cotton On denim sleeveless and dress, Ice Watch, Tommy Hilfiger Bag, Birkenstock Footwear)



Bronuts: Floss flavor

As promised I would definitely try the floss flavor of Bronuts. Yes! Another Bronuts post. I really like that Bronuts is big, flavorful and not oily.  But this is not good if you are watching your weight... :) 

What I like about this flavor:
  • This flavor is a little spicy - Like!
  • Consistently, it is soft
  • The actual Bronuts is not oily but this flavor is a little oily due to the floss
  • There's a filling in the middle, I am not sure if it's cream cheese with mayo but I am sure that there is like japanese mayo
  • The filling taste really good! Matched very well with the floss
  • Have enough amount of the floss - a lot actually fell at the bottom

Look how thick is Bronuts! I hope they will be able to maintain their price of Php 110.00 each piece.

Next, I would like to try their salted caramel flavor. 



Choc Nut Milk Choclate Drink Mix

Yes I know what you are all thinking! The Choc Nut is now in a powdered drink! It is exciting right? Our favorite chocolate peanut bar can now be taken as a drink for breakfast, snack or if anytime you just like drinking. Having it in a drink will give us a more full feeling and energy booster.

Same as the other powdered drinks, you just need to add water. To know more about the product and the ingredients just take a look below. :) But they didn't indicate the amount of sugar per pack.

Now let's try it!

Here's the powder, it looks like choco powder mix, I also wasn't able to smell the choc nut flavor.

Upon adding water, it really smelled more of the chocolate. It taste sweet so I added more water. It taste like chocolate only more of the cocoa taste instead of milk chocolate. I was expecting it to taste like the real choc nut flavor. But maybe because they indicate it to be as Chocolate Milk Drink Mix, I should have expected it to be chocolate. But since it's branded as Choc Nut, I would prefer that they make it taste like the choc nut bar.

What do you guys think?



Corporate Outfit

A very quick post for today! I realized I haven't been able to blog any office or corporate outfit. I've been working in a corporate world like your usual gal, being in an air-conditioned office from Monday to Friday. So I can say I've been buying more of corporate outfits for quite some time already.

Here's my first post of my office outfit. Most of the time I don't really like to take extra effort in dressing up since I prefer to make use of my time to sleep than prepare. haha! That's why I tend to buy outfits that doesn't need to mix and match nor need to accessorize much.

That's why dresses are a way to go! No need to mix and match, just put it on and voila ready to go. I also tend to just wear a watch and one same bag everyday as I don't want to keep on changing as I will surely leave some important things.

Like this dress that I got from Mango, I think that it is corporate appropriate because of the fabric, color plus the style. The sleeves are way to go for that very cold aircon but with a shorter length for a lady like feel.

I like that this dress is simple yet can work on itself already, just finalized it with red heels for that stylish attitude (please check my previous post). If I am in the mood I can wear a statement or classic necklace with this. I don't really like to wear bracelet at work since it's a little sagabal. :)

Lastly! What I like about this dress is that I can wear it in different look. Just pair it with  different accessories like boots, scarf and tights during winter. 

Here's my blooper post. :)

What is that facial reaction right??
(Mango Dress, Esprit Watch, Long Champ Bag, Terra and Agua Footwear)